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If you’re starting up a coffee shop or need an upgrade in equipment then leasing a commercial coffee machine is often the most viable route to take. Even if you have the money sat in the bank to buy a top quality coffee machine outright you ought to consider that most coffee related equipment needs changing every 3 to 5 years.

Buying a coffee machine outright can tie up a significant amount of capital. By leasing you allow your money to go further and spread the cost of your equipment over its useful working life. If you buy outright, then the money has gone instantly, and in many cases you’ll need to upgrade the machine again in another 3-5 years which means another lump sum. Many coffee shop owners who want to buy outright simply want the cheapest coffee machine available but that isn’t always the right machine for their business. In many cases it won’t be able to handle the output they require or have enough group heads to cope with the demands of a busy lunchtime trade. That often means the money they saved on the machine will be lost on disappearing customers. By leasing a coffee machine you don’t have to make a decision based solely on price. Fixed, manageable monthly payments allow a coffee shop owner to get the machine they need and opens up the possibility of changing the machine part way through a lease should demand grow or the business expand.

Many lease agreements allow you the flexibility to upgrade your commercial coffee machine to a newer or more advanced model should your business expand or an increase in demand require larger machine with more group heads to boost output. All of our machines come with flexible lease terms, please contact us if you’d like any more details or if you require any advice on choosing the right coffee machine for your business

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Caffè Italia can provide best of breed coffee machine maintenance contracts that will decrease the likelihood of your machine breaking down. By incorporating planned maintenance this will increase your equipment’s life expectancy and improve coffee quality. Any breakdown during the warranty period relating to manufacturing defect will be covered by the Manufacturer within the terms and conditions.

Commercial Coffee machines are expensive pieces of equipment that require proactive and regular maintenance. An inefficient machine will not perform to its optimum potential, will incur more costs and will produce a poor cup of coffee. Spending a short amount of time each day making sure the machine is clean and working properly can save you time and money in the future.

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No problem, Caffè Italia can upgrade your machine at any time without incuring additional costs. Caffè Italia have the ability to settle your current agreement and provide you with a new machine which could be more cost effective. If your sales expand, your coffee machine can too!

Price promise:  want to be sure you’re getting an unbeatable price? At Caffè Italia, we are so confident that we have the best prices in the industry. if you find better, we promise to price match.

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