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Bezzera Matrix DE & Caffè Italia Kit Edition 1

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Bezzera Matrix DE & Caffè Italia Kit Edition 1

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Set composed by Bezzera Matrix DE and Caffè Italia Kit Edition Number 1 including: Shower Head Type E61 Competition +  Filter B70 TC H24E + Alluminium Stainless Steel Tamper Corner Tamper Mat + Group Gasket Brush + Knock Box Black + Black Wormhole + Milk Pitcher Easy 8 Cups Non-Stick Coat + Cocoa Decorator

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Bezzera Matrix DE 

The Matrix model represents innovation in the world of semi-automatic espresso coffee machines. It combines traditional "LEVER" technology with sophisticated software and electronics that allow, through a 3.5" touch display, control over the double water heater system and the selection of body colours according to the style of the environment, also available in the DE version with 3 thermostats and volumetric dispensing.

The unit is heated by an electrical resistance which is activated by a PID thermostat that keeps a constant temperature. The second PID thermostat allows adjusting of the water temperaturein the water heater dedicated to coffee extraction, which ensures optimum thermal stability in the range from 88 to 96°C.

The steam/water circuit is connected to an independent water heater driven by a PID thermostat that also allows maximising of the vaporisation power in the case of intensive use. The DE version is fitted with volumetric coffee dispensing managed by microprocessor with 4 doses that are directly programmable from the keyboard; the fifth button activates the continuous dispensing operation.

The hydraulic system powered by a rotary pump can use a 4-litre internal water tank or be connected to the water supply.

  • Frame and body in AISI 304
  • Automatic daily on/off setting
  • Automatic Backflush program
  • Settable pre-infusion
  • Water filter alarm and maintenance cycles
  • Calibration Intensity and RGB LED colour
  • Selection of supply from the water mains or from the tank
  • Water heater priority setting

Caffè Italia Exclusive Kit Edition Number 1

Caffè Italia Exclusive Kit Edition Number 1 includes the following items

Shower Head Type E61 Competition

  • Integrated membrane shower screen with 200 µm filtering capacity
  • The membrane is created directly within the body of the shower disc, which is fixed to the body of the shower by caulking.
  • Body diameter: 56,5 mm
  • Border diameter: 60 mm
  • Wall height: 17 mm
  • external SUPPORT DISC PERFORATION Perforations: Ø 3 mm,
  • 98 holes Distribution: Circular COMPATIBILITY Kees Van Der Westen, Faema, Vibiemme, Wega, Ascaso, Bezzera, Bfc, Bianchi, Brasilia, D.I.D. L'Orchestrale, ECM, Expobar, Fiorenzato, Grimac, Iberital, La Nuova Era, La Scala, Quality Espresso, Rocket, Royal First, Sanremo, SV, SAB, VFA, E61 standard

Filter B70 2 T C H24 E

  • 2 cups filter Average capacity 12/18 gr.
  • SHAPE BORDER: Ø 70 mm (B70)
  • HEIGHT: 24 mm (H24)
  • CORPO: Ø 60 mm for Ø 58 mm tamper
  • RIDGE: ridgeless
  • SHAPE: Cylindrical with Convex Bottom The shape was created by I.M.S. to obtain the proper ratio between the base and height of the coffee puck in relation to capacity. The filter is cylindrical with a convex bottom to collect the coffee towards the center during percolation. This shape has been designed to exploit the whole coffee puck, which also facilitates drying and expulsion.
  • PERFORATION I.M.S. perforation is exclusive and patented
  • PERFORATED AREA: Ø 49 mm area optimized in relation to the shape of the filter.
  • NUMBER OF HOLES: 715 Hexagonal spacing (E)  The number and distribution of the perforations are designed to balance the delivery in relation to the height and shape of the filter and perforated area.
  • HOLE DIAMETER: 0.30 mm
  • SHAPE OF THE HOLE: CIRCULAR with CONICAL cross section.
  • COMPETITION PERFORATION: Relaminated and Recalibrated.
  • FINISHING TUMBLING: Wet vibrofinishing with ceramic inserts and drying with corncob
  • PICKLING: Passivation and preparing of the material
  • ELECTROPOLISHING: smooth surface with unmatched sanitary and non-contaminating qualities is obtained. COMPATIBILITY La Marzocco, Synesso, Slayer, Kees Van Der Westen, Nuova Simonelli, Victoria Arduino, Rancilio, Promac, Magister, Astoria, Conti, Elektra, La Pavoni, Fracino, Faema, Vibiemme, Wega, Ascaso, Bezzera, Bfc, Bianchi, Brasilia, D.I.D. L'Orchestrale, ECM, Expobar, Fiorenzato, Grimac, La Nuova Era, La Scala, Quality Espresso, Rocket, Royal First, Sanremo, SV, SAB, VFA, E61 standard, Brugnetti, Londinium

Alluminium Stainless Steel Tamper

Alluminium Stainless Steel Tamper Espresso Convex 58mm

Corner Tamper Mat

The Cafelat corner tamping mat is the unique and innovative solution for those baristas who like to tamp with the filter holder on the edge of the table. Cute and incredibly functional, its compact size is great for even the smallest barista workstations and the part that overhangs is small enough not to obscure doors or drawers that may be underneath. When holding the filter holder up against the corner tamping mat, push the filter holder in towards the counter away from you. With the tamper in the other hand tamp downwards as you normally would do.

  • Material: Silicon Rubber
  • Height incl. base: 21cm (W) 14.5cm (D) Overhang 4cm
  • Colour options: Black
  • Product Weight: 430g
  • Packaging: 1 complete mat per box
  • Designed by: Paul and Karina

Group Gasket Brush

Keeping your group clean around the gasket area and the bayonet ring is a vital component to being able to produce coffee the way the roaster intended. The patented Cafelat cleaning brush is designed to clean your espresso machine grouphead, in particular those hard-to-reach areas around the sealing gasket. The brush fits most standard commercial espresso machines and "locks" into the group just like a portafilter. Each brush box set comes with an extra pair of natural fibre brushes. Full instructions on how to use and change the brushes are included.

  • Material: ABS, Stainless Steel and Natural Fibres
  • Colour options :Black
  • Packaging: 1 Complete brush + 1 extra pair of bristles
  • Patent: Cafelat
  • Designed by: Paul & Karina

Knock Box Black

Knock Box Black: h.175mm

Black Wormhole

Wormhole is a simple ring created to help baristas dose coffee neatly into the basket. It acts like a funnel, facilitating the fall of the coffee in the filter holder, thus avoiding waste. It also allows you to keep the workstation clean without spilling coffee. The inner side of the ring, that in contact with the filter holder, is equipped with small magnets that make the installation of the Wormhole very simple and fast and its accidental fall is difficult.

Milk Pitcher Easy 8 Cups Non-Stick Coat

The milk pitcher series 'Easy', designed and made in Italy by Ilsa in stainless steel has a dripless spout  which is perfect for the professional barista working with the technique of latte art. The non-stick coating makes it particularly suitable for heating the milk to high temperatures: to avoid reducing the non-stick properties it is advised not to scratch the surface with sharp objects.

  • Material: Stainless Steel 18/8
  • Coating: non-stick
  • External color: Black
  • Size: 800ml (27oz)
  • Cups: 8
  • Base: hollowed
  • Handle: electrowelded
  • Ideal for: latte art
  • Made: in Italy

Cocoa Decorator

Peefect to make a drawing on frothed milk using the included templates.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Bezzera Matrix DE


220–240/50-60  V~/Hz  

Coffee heating element

800 W

Service heating element

1100 – 1300 W

Coffee boiler

0,45 lt

Service boiler

1 lt


4 lt


310 mm


470 mm


420 mm

Net weight

34 kg

Gross weight

36 kg

Load connection

G 1/8''

Drain connection

10 mm

Body RGB led


Back side led




Caffè Italia Exclusive Kit Edition Number 1

Shower head type E61 competition


Filter B70 2 T C H24 E


Alluminium Stainless Steel Tamper 


Black Wormhole


Corner Tamper Mat


Group Gasket Brush


Knock Box Black 


Milk Pitcher Easy 8 Cups Non-Stick Coat


Cocoa Decorator



Additional Information

Model Manual
Grinder Model No


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